International Women’s Day on March 8 2020 – Call for Strike

We call on all women/FLINT to join us to strike on March 8!

When we stop working, the world stands still.


The Frauen*streikbündnis Cologne has come together to join the international movement of the Frauen*streik on the international Women’s Day on March 8 2020.

On March 8th we will symbolically fight for all women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans people (FLINT) and fight daily for freedom and equality.

We are angry because women/FLINT are being discriminated, oppressed and exploited in Germany and all over the world and because we still have to fight for self-determination, equality and women*s rights even in 2020.

This year we want to renegotiate above all the visible and invisible, paid and unpaid work of women/FLINT. Housework, education, care and nursing are social tasks that affect all of us: The nursing shortage and midwifery shortages are life-threatening for everyone. Illegal working conditions and exploitation by cleaners – especially by migrant women – are taken for granted. A lack of care facilities forces women/FLINT to stay at home or work part-time. Volunteers take on tasks that are essential for our social coexistence. And for family, friends and partners, women/FLINT often take over a large part of the emotional care work without being asked – just to name a few examples.

That’s enough! We are not going to put up with this any longer! We are on strike!

We demand:

– Consistent fight against sexualized and gender-based violence; an end to the invisibility of femicides; sufficient protection and support for a life without violence.

– No discrimination and exclusion on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, origin, religion, physical/cognitive impairment, poverty and social status.

– Enforcing the right to equal health care, education and housing for women/FLINT. Independent of gender, origin and residence status.

– Recognition of gender-specific causes of flight.

– No tolerance for discrimination and incitement to hatred – not even on the net.

– Realization of equal pay.

– Better working conditions in the social and health sector: more staff and adequate remuneration.

– Social and political recognition of all paid and unpaid care and nursing work, e.g. through better support for single parents and caring relatives.

– Daycare places for all children.

– Decriminalization of sex workers and combating forced prostitution.

– Physical, sexual and reproductive self-determination. Impunity-free abortion, comprehensive education and impunity-free possibilities for self-determined sterilization.

– Overcoming the socially constructed binary concept of sex.

– Self-determined life and freedom of design in relationships and life plans as well as thinking of all sexes.

– Breaking up normative standards of beauty.

– A use of language that includes all humans.


Let’s be loud together and set a clear sign for self-determination and diversity by and for us women/FLINT in the powerful demonstration on 8 March 2020.

We want to learn together and from each other. We condemn all forms of structural discrimination and group-based misanthropy.

Before that, you can join in numerous solidarity actions or be courageous and call for your own strike with your friends, colleagues and family members. Our work, which many of us do on Sundays, will not be done on March 8.

We will put them down, we will shut them down, we will strike!


Women: Stands for all persons who feel that they belong to the female sex.

FLINT: Stands for women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans persons.